YSL Residences

YSL Residences



Rule # 1: Your address says everything about you

How you live is ultimately the result of where you live. That is why Cresford specifically chooses the city’s most prime locations.

Rule # 2: Live like everyone is watching

Great minds think alike. That is the reason Cresford is so selective in the company it keeps, drawing inspiration from the world’s most respected designers.

Rule # 3: True luxury always rises to the top

Design is the quintessential element in every Cresford condominium. Seeking the counsel of pre-eminent architects and designers results in a reputation worthy of adulation.

Rule # 4: Embrace the great outdoors

Synergy between humanity and Mother Nature results in a harmony that provides a tranquil break from the pandemonium of city life.

Rule # 5: Sophistication is found in every detail

An adherence to the principles of executing the details with panache and precision results in a final vision that is the envy of your peers.

Rule # 6: Command the future

When you are the master of your own destiny, you are assured that your intention becomes a reality. For that reason, Cresford takes care to plan, build and administer every stage in the development process.

The Cresford Competitive Advantage is a result of following this mandate to strive for distinction. Our Rules provide a guarantee that an investment in a Cresford condominium, is an investment in excellence.


From construction and craftsmanship, to the ease of elegant, everyday living, Cresford believes in pursuing excellence in every facet of the business. These three subsidiaries make that possible, ensuring that a timeless aesthetic, a relentless pursuit of innovation in material and construction, and a commitment to quality endures from inception to completion and beyond. Welcome to the Cresford Competitive Advantage.